This document sets out the General Terms and Conditions of the services available on the
website of KYAT EVENT Kft. (headquarters: 1048
Budapest, 118 Homoktövis utca 2nd floor. 9., site: 1142 Budapest, Kassai utca 71., company
registration number: 01-09-197414, tax number: 25060551-2-41, represented by: Farkas
Attila, managing director, telephone number: +36 30/468 7891, e-mail:
(hereinafter referred to as „GTC”).

The GTC uses the following terms:
Provider: KYAT EVENT Kft.
Travel Reference Number: U001901
User: Website visitor.
Guest: User who uses the Website to book the Partner's


Partner: The person or company publishing the accommodation on the
Website who is authorized to rent the accommodation

Hotel booking system: Service Platform – primarily the Website and its sub-pages and
affiliate pages – where the Service Provider displays
accommodation mediation and related ads.

Service: The Service Provider provides accommodation services through
the Website, whereby it collects the potential accommodation
offers of the Partners and displays them to the Users according
to certain criteria.
"Mediation service" under the Act CVIII of 2001 on Electronic
Commerce Services.

These Terms and Conditions include all information related to the operation of the Website
and the Service, which is binding on all Users.
The Service Provider reserves the right to modify or terminate the content of the Website,
including the GTC, without prior notice.

The Service

The User may (i) search for accommodation, (ii) request an offer for accommodation,
(iii) book accommodation on the Website.
1. The User has the possibility to search in detail on the Website for accommodation.
2. The Service Provider accepts no responsibility for the data provided by the Partner in the
search service, they are for information purposes only.


1. By filling in and submitting a contract form on the Website, the User may request a specific
accommodation offer from the Partner. The request does not constitute a commitment and
does not constitute a reservation.
2. The Service Provider shall send feedback to the User no later than on the second working
day following the request for quotation.
1. By filling in and submitting the form on the Website, the User may book accommodation
directly with that Partner. If the Guest makes a reservation through the Website, the Guest
will enter into a direct contractual relationship with the Partner. The Service Provider acts
solely as an intermediary between the Guest and the Partner and forwards the Guest's
booking details to the Partner as the accommodation provider.
2. The User will receive an automatic reply email regarding the booking, which will not be
considered as confirmation of the booking.
3. The Partner shall inform the User by the second working day following the reservation
whether he/she is able to accept or reject the booking.
4. By submitting a booking, the User acknowledges that if the Partner confirms the reservation,
a contract is entered into between the User and the Partner and the User may cancel the
contract only under the terms of that Partner’s cancellation. The Service Provider is not
subject to any legal relationship between the Guest and the Partner.

The Service Provider

1. The Service Provider uses the hotel reservation system to display the Partners'
accommodation offers and the information they provide in connection with the
accommodation offers.
2. The Service Provider is obliged to forward the request for quotations and bookings to the
Partner without delay.
3. The Service Provider operates a customer support service through which it maintains contact
with Users.
4. In the event of any queries or comments regarding the Service, the User shall contact
support at or by phone: +36 30/468 7891.
5. The Service Provider is a legally registered and legally operating company and is entitled to
provide the Service.
6. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage caused by the Guest.


The Service Provider shall not be liable for the User's claim against the Partner, in particular,
but not exclusively, the actual properties of the accommodation and any discrepancies with
the information uploaded by the Partner, since the information contained in the datasheet of
that accommodation is determined by the Partner.
The Partner is responsible for the authenticity of the information transmitted or uploaded by
the Partner to the Service Provider, and the Service Provider disclaims any liability in this
The Service Provider shall not be liable for any deficiencies in the communication of data
while using the Website or for any consequences resulting from incorrectly provided data.
The Service Provider is entitled, but not obliged, to check the contents of the accommodation
offer, nor is obliged to look for signs of illegal activity.
7. The Service Provider assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, error-free
operation, completeness or suitability of the Service provided by the Service Provider. In
addition, the Service Provider shall not be liable for any errors or damage caused by causes
beyond its control and due to force majeure (e.g. strike, flood, earthquake, lightning, power
outage, internet problem, outage, etc.).
8. The Website may contain links to websites operated by third parties. The Service Provider
assumes no responsibility for or verifies the content of web pages that can be accessed by
links made on the site.
9. The Service Provider excludes all liability for damages and violations arising from the User's
10. Under the responsibility of the Service Provider 7-12. §§ applies.

Privacy Policy

1. The Service Provider attaches great importance to respecting the Users' right to self-
determination of information and is committed to a high level of protection of the personal
data it handles. The Service Provider shall treat the personal data confidentially and shall
take all necessary security, technical and organizational measures to ensure their security
and prevent their accidental loss, unlawful destruction, alteration, dissemination and
unauthorized access.
2. The Service Provider shall provide the Partner with the information provided during the
booking process for the purpose of performing the contract. For details on how your personal
information is handled, please refer to the Privacy Notice at the following link:

Miscellaneous provisions

1. Correction of data entry errors may be made by sending a booking form to the Service
Provider or a Partner prior to submitting a booking and thereafter.


2. By accepting these GTC, the User, who is a consumer, acknowledges that the provisions of
Section 45/2014. (II. 26.) Government Decree does not have the right of
cancellation/termination on the basis of Article §(1) paragraph m).
3. The Parties shall settle disputes amicably. If this is unsuccessful, the jurisdiction of the court
of the country in which the Service Provider is domiciled, or the Central District Court of
Buda, shall be settled for the settlement of disputes by court.
4. These GTC will remain in effect from December 18, 2019 until revocation or entry into force
of the amendments.
5. The text of these GTC will be published on the Website, the GTC amendments will be
published on the Website at least 15 days before the change comes into force.
6. Issues not regulated by these GTC shall be governed by Hungarian law.
Budapest, December 18, 2019

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